About Us

One Family's Dream

Fish & Finn Outfitters is a family business and a family dream. A dream slowly and steadily created around the dinner table, backyard bon fires and family fishing trips. One perfectly crafted from each of our hopes and most adventurous dreams. Some of us have dreamt of owning this business since we were a little boy 30 some years ago and some of us didn't know it was a dream until 2 years ago and we were elbows deep in a worm farm dreaming of a fishing bait stand.

While this has been a dream for many moons it took the love & loss of a very special human to kick us in gear and remember "Life is for the living so we better get living! As a family we are passionate about the great outdoors, our planet and helping our community to get outside and enjoy and care for both with whatever gear they may need.

Our two boys are both youth athletes and we totally understand the struggle here at F&FO of paying a fortune for gear that will only fit for one season. We offer a large selection of youth consigned cleats, pads, helmets, sticks and so on.

Not only is consignment an easy way to help our planet, but it's also a stepping stone to create a level playing field for making sports affordable for all. We love this community and we hope Our dream is able to bring inclusivity, sustainability, affordability, opportunity and a little adventure to this beautiful town